Integration of Techniques to Work the Body

ITTC® was born from the union of two Spanish professionals in the sports and therapeutic sector, Rafael Santos and Lorena Expósito, who after many years of profession, have been able to verify and verify, throughout their experience, the same pattern of injuries, generated by the daily work, the bad execution of some physical activity or by the excess of the same, as well as, by the lack of some sport practice, without forgetting the stress generated by the day today.

ITTC® is born precisely of the concern, of these, to get a body without injuries and strong, or recover its strength, which has been diminished by the passage of time.

This method is about the integration of many techniques, both therapeutic and sports, but with only one purpose: to find and achieve a body in a state of maximum well-being, or at least, achieve the best possible state of well-being of the body.

ITTC® considers, through the transmission of knowledge, to achieve healthy and balanced bodies that avoid any type of injury, or that if they already have, do not aggravate them further.

It consists of the execution of a method of learning and practice that helps the correct development of any sports discipline, thanks to the fact that the postural state of the individual is explored in a very specific way, and then create a personalized file on the work plan to be carried out.

That is, after exploring and analyzing the individual’s postural state, ITTC® opens a fully customized work plan that takes into account the objectives to be achieved, injuries (if any), pathologies, morphology, nutritional and mood state, and many other variables that, by improving them, will help the body find that state of well-being.

This method will also be applied to any person, who shows certain body compensation, even if they are not, merely and strictly, caused by the sport.

It could be referred to as a sports-therapy / or a sports-therapeutic.

ITTC®, is a method, which in the therapeutic part, is aimed at compensating and balancing everything that has been moving away from our body axis, either due to excessive sport, its misuse, or by daily work, or simply by the passage of the years, as well as, to alleviate the daily stress, and an excessive mental activity, by the evolution, in our times.

In the sports part, it is aimed at improving the practice of sport and trying to get the least possible injuries, at the same time, which also serves to improve some pathologies produced by the practice of sport on an ongoing basis.

The techniques employed are, such as the Work of Muscle Chains (Francoise Mezzieres), (Therese Bertherat), Postural Reeducation, Structural Pilates, Integration with Yoga, Mindfulness, Toning (personalized workouts), manual therapies, such as corrective massage, etc …, with a unique purpose, that is, to improve any muscular pathology, or some muscle, to reach the COMPLETE WELFARE of your body.

We affirm that body alignment, correct bone structure, body well-being, and a healthy mind and body, enhances our beauty, since otherwise, a desalination, muscle align, daily emotional stress, and a long, etc, make really that our body adopts postures and bad habits, which detract from us beauty, accelerating our aging process.

This is aimed at all those people, both, who suffer from some muscular discomfort, or bone pathology, or structural misalignment, such as those people, who have excessive sports, professional, amateur or just the opposite, people with an excess of a sedentary lifestyle


ITTC® is a method that tries not only to make a correct development in the practice of sports activity but also seeks to prevent possible injuries, serious pathologies, which force us to abandon the sport.

So, like non-sports people, and who have some pathologies or ailments, muscular, study, the cause, to understand it, and work on it, to eradicate, any problem

It also serves to correct, improve or heal those postural compensations that we perform erroneously.

ITTC® tries, through exercises and recommendations, to improve everything that does not work to get to the state of complete well-being.